Technology Makeover

A new print campaign for Texas Instruments takes the chip maker out of the staid confines of technology and into the dramatic, free-form world of butterflies.
McCann-Erickson Southwest created the print series for the Digital Light Processing (DLP) division of Texas Instruments in Dallas.
Three executions present an elaborately made-up woman’s eye. The image is intended to communicate the visual impact of DLP imaging technology, which is used in next-generation projection systems such as digital cinema.
Dallas-based McCann-Erickson Southwest hired renowned makeup artist Joanne Gair for the Texas Instruments project. Gair is known for her work body-painting Demi Moore for the front cover of Vanity Fair magazine, creating Madonna’s mehndi look in the Frozen video and making up supermodels for the 1999 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
In one ad, Gair attached real butterfly wings to a model’s eye, along with makeup. The agency noted that the wings were procured from a local museum and no actual butterflies were harmed during the production shoot.
Also working on the advertising campaign were photographer Neil Whittlock and creative director Denise Keller.
“For a company that’s technically oriented, it’s nice to see them doing some of this sexy stuff,” said Mark Denesuk, McCann-Erickson Southwest’s executive vice president and general manager. “But they’re still T.I.”