Techies Shake Hands, Too

When it comes to finding a job in the interactive or technology field, one might think that techies just naturally log on to their favorite job search web sites and take things from there. Well, they do. But not as much as you might think. When it comes time to seek work in their respective fields, technology professionals (network analysts, web developers, et al.) use not only the latest e-methods but tried and true traditional methods as well. In a recent report by, an e-recruiting Web site based in Bloomington, Minn., close to 25 percent of the techies surveyed said that online job searches and resume postings figured most prominently in finding their last jobs; but a little over 35 percent said the old fashioned approach worked best: networking for jobs — that is, meeting people and relying on professional contacts. Third on the list: headhunters, who it seems will never go out of the job-hunting season no matter how much hardware is used and programs accessed.

–36 percent of techies surveyed said the biggest factor in securing their last tech jobs was personal networking
–23 percent said the biggest factor was online job searches and resume postings
–19 percent said it was headhunters

–68 percent of job candidates surveyed got one or two offers
–27 percent received 3-5 offers
–5 percent — especially those with web and software programming expertise and data base experience — said they got five or more offers

Source:\Survey conducted in April 2001