Tech Shops Endure Staff Shifts

Martins Leaves BBL After Brief Stay to Replace CD at Rainier
BOSTON–A series of staffing changes at several business-to-business agencies has resulted in the birth of a new company, Hart-Boillot, and the appointment of Fred Martins as creative director at Rainier Corp.
Martins joins Rainier, a 27-person shop in Princeton, Mass., after just nine months as creative director of BBL Advertising, a slightly larger shop in Acton, Mass.
The appointment comes on the heels of the departures of Rainier creative chief Steven Hart and account executive Nicolas Boillot. The two left to form Hart-Boillot, a Waltham, Mass., startup they say will be dedicated to servicing a mix of consumer and business-to-business accounts.
Rainier president Stephen Schuster said he tapped Martins to replace Hart based largely on Martins’ reputation “as an exceptionally good technology creative director” during his short stay at BBL and his nine years heading the creative team at Harpell/Martins & Co. in Maynard, Mass.
Martins said he brings no clients with him from BBL to Rainier, where he will oversee work on accounts such as Vitts Networks, a Manchester, N.H.-based Internet access firm.
BBL president Barbara Sabran called Martins “one of the most creative people I’ve worked with” and said his departure came as a surprise, though she did not elaborate on why he resigned.
“I accomplished as much as I needed to [at BBL],” Martins said, adding, “I don’t see this as a quick departure.”
Freda Shapiro, associate creative director at BBL, takes over for Martins while his replacement is sought, Sabran said.
The turnover in tech agency personnel was not limited to the creative ranks. Media departments saw change as well.
BBL has hired vice president of media Steve Hall and director of media Ann Chalmer to oversee a six-person department. They replace Christine Shaw, who left for a post at former BBL client TechOnline in Waltham, Mass. Hall and Chalmer had helmed the media departments at TFA/Leo Burnett Technology Group, Boston, and Harpell/Martins, respectively.
Alison Kennealey is serving as interim media director at Harpell/Martins while a full-time replacement is sought. TFA is affiliated with Starcom Media Services in Chicago, and media responsibilities will likely be coordinated by staffers there for the short term.