TBWA\C\D Plays Up Fox Sports’ Local Coverage

SAN FRANCISCO Following its recent wave of teasers for Fox Sports Net, Omnicom’s TBWA\Chiat\Day plans to roll out additional spots this month.

Three series of spots, “Biased,” “Twins” and “Chant,” brand the network as the local sports authority with the tagline, “Fox Sports Net. Where Bay Area fans come first.” The San Francisco shop tailored each spot for more than 20 markets.

“Fox wants to set themselves up to be the best place for local fans to get their teams,” said Mike Harris, TBWA\C\D’s director of strategy.

Eric Markgraf, Fox Sports Net’s senior vice president of marketing, said the key was creating a campaign that emphasized the network’s point of differentiation. “We want to show people, ‘Hey, we’re all about your region and your town,’ ” Markgraf said.

The three “Biased” spots, directed by Baker Smith, show how local fans bond. In one ad, for example, a father comes home to find his teenage daughter in bed with a boy. He’s enraged until he notices he’s covering himself up with a San Jose Sharks jersey. Another spot shows burglars who replace what they’ve stolen when they realize they’re robbing a San Francisco Giants fan.

The “Twins” series of spots, directed by Lionel Goldstein, tells the childhood story of hapless boys conjoined at the finger. Following a teaser which aired on the network in December, three spots chronicle the life of conflict the twins lead as adults, when one remains loyal to his home teams and the other becomes a “bandwagon” fan, going for the most successful team, like the Detroit Red Wings or New York Yankees.

“Chant” shows fans celebrating their teams with body paint and song. The spot was inspired by the way Europeans love their soccer teams so much it moves them to break out in song, said Chuck McBride, North American creative director and executive creative director on the campaign.

After winning multiple creative awards for the two previous Fox Sports Net campaigns, including a gold Lion in Cannes, McBride said it’s “always hard” to top past work.

In 2002, the shop created a National Hockey League campaign that ran with the tagline, “The more games you watch, the tougher you get.” The effort showed people getting sprayed with scalding car fluids, hit by a dart in the neck and being burned by an iron.

McBride said that this time Fox’s message was about loyalty. “To be loyal to your team is the essence of Fox,” he said.

The campaign will run exclusively on Fox.

TBWA\C\D personnel that worked on the new spots included creative directors Ben Nott and Bo Coyner, creative director and art director Kai Zastrow, senior copywriter Scott Duchon, copywriter Mike Harris, senior art director Brian Lee Hughes, art director Brandon Mugar and producers Jennifer Golub, Rob Sondik and Andrea Bustabade.