TBWA, DDB Prep for Energizer

The likely consolidation of Energizer’s estimated $50 million account is moving forward as both contenders pull together pitch teams and

meet with the client.

DDB Chicago and TBWA\Chiat\Day put their heaviest hitters on the case in an effort to wrest away the other’s Energizer business. The St. Louis battery maker is mulling whether it needs two agencies to handle its account and has asked both agencies for “strategy and direction.” That process, said sources, will likely lead to a consolidation.

Sources said TBWA\C\D held a “working session” with the client last week. DDB is scheduled to meet this week.

Chuck McBride, North America creative chief for TBWA\C\D in San Francisco has been at the Playa del Rey, Calif., office assisting the effort, sources said. Gerry Gentile, cd on the Energizer account, is playing a key role, as is TBWA Worldwide cd Lee Clow.

When asked which office is leading the charge, Tom Carroll, president and CEO of TBWA\C\D in Playa del Rey, said, “We’ll use the best brains we have available on the West Coast to address this Energizer question.” Energizer’s main brand has been with TBWA\C\D for more than a decade.

DDB’s U.S. chief creative officer Bob Scarpelli has joined with his agency’s Energizer team in Chicago, led by group cd Paul Brourman, sources said, as the shop tries to move beyond the single e2 battery assignment it picked up last year.

Other agency officials, including Scarpelli and McBride, declined to comment on Energizer. A client rep could not be reached.