TBC Promotes ‘Journal’s Global News

ATLANTA Trahan, Burden & Charles has developed a new campaign for The Wall Street Journal that touts the newspaper’s worldwide business coverage, according to the shop.

The Baltimore independent agency’s work for the New York-based Dow Jones Co. publication includes broadcast efforts as well as print and online ads. Allan Charles, chief creative officer at TBC, said the goal of the ads is to demonstrate the paper’s “unique franchise as the world’s primary source for business news.”

“The message is that the Journal covers the world’s news as seamlessly and effectively as its readers conduct their business,” added Charles.

Two spots, both titled “Global Elevator,” feature businesspeople reading the paper on their way to morning meetings. One commercial is set in a London office, where associates enter an elevator and push a button marked “Singapore.” The people read their papers as they travel through “the center” and arrive in Singapore, which, according to a voiceover, takes 11 minutes.

A second spot is similar, except the destination is London. In both ads the subjects arrive upside down, spill out of the elevator and then gather themselves. Based on the way they arrive, spectators comment that they must have come from London or Singapore, respectively.

“This campaign illustrates that the Journal is the premier global news source with the most comprehensive news in the world,” said Sally Brophy, corporate marketing specialist at DJC.

The spots are currently airing in Europe and Asia on cable channels such as CNN and CNBC, according to TBC. Print ads appear in this month’s issues of Business Week, Fortune and Forbes.

DJC spent $28 million advertising the Journal in 2003, per TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.