Taylor Plays for the Trade Press

Guitar Maker Offering a Company Philosophy via VitroRoberton
LOS ANGELES–VitroRobertson has launched its first-ever print campaign for Taylor Guitars to exclusively target musical instrument retailers.
The ads, launched to coincide with last week’s National Association of Music Merchants trade show in Los Angeles, first appeared in Upbeat Daily, a music trade publication. Billings are estimated at under $1 million.
“I think it gave us an opportunity to talk about Taylor Guitars through [co-founder] Bob Taylor’s eyes and perspective,” said Alan Bonine, managing director of the San Diego shop. “There are not too many large guitar companies around right now where the founders are still around and involved. It’s kind of a dialogue with the retailers.”
Each print spread includes environmental portraits of Taylor, his guitars and craftsmen at work. One side features a quote from Taylor; the other a more fleshed-out examination of the company’s philosophy.
In one ad, Taylor’s quote reads, “Someone once wrote me a letter and pointed out three things wrong with one of my guitars. I wrote him back a letter and pointed out another twelve.”
The ads will soon appear in other trade publications. The ones unveiled in time for the trade show included handwritten notes signed by Taylor.
Representatives of Taylor Guitars were unavailable for comment.
Another ad asks, “Can we make guitars any better?” Bonine said the question comes directly from Taylor’s 25-year effort to constantly improve its instruments.
“Their mission, or quest in life, is to build a guitar that is easy and fun to play,” he said.