Taxi Asks, ‘Are You Cheese-Worthy?’

NEW YORK Taxi Montreal wants you to prove that you’re worth another helping of cheese.

The independent agency on Monday launched its second round of work for the Dairy Farmers of Canada. In mid-September Taxi began a brand campaign that imagined a world without dairy farmers. The new campaign, consisting of two spots, out of home, interactive and in-store ads, positions cheese as the perfect food. “It’s a love food because everybody loves’ it,” said Stephane Charier, vp, cd, Taxi Montreal, which won the account in a review earlier this year.

The 30-second “Are You Worth It?” shows a family at the dinner table. When the dad goes for a second helping of three-cheese lasagna, mom stops him. He is then forced to prove his worth by fixing the roof, repairing the sink in the bathroom and massaging his wife. It ends with the tagline “All you need is cheese” with one the consecutive “e’s” in cheese reversed to form a makeshift heart.

“All you need is cheese” replaces the counterintuitive “Stop cooking with cheese,” which was introduced by the previous agency, Cossette in Montreal.

The out of home is a bright orange rectangular billboard with a cheese grater at one end. As the weeks pass, the grater will move along the billboard simulating more and more cheese being eaten.

For the Web, the agency created a game show centered on why and when to serve cheese. For example, a young man is given the choice of entertaining his boss with a cheese plate or a karaoke session. If the player picks the obviously wrong answer of karaoke, he is shown a clip of an older couple cringing while a young man croons off key.

“The Pursuit of Pleasure” podcast, which will begin on Oct. 15, will showcase different ways cheese can be enjoyed. Ian Jones, a reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, will host it.

“We all know cheese and use it, but we forget about it,” said Charier. “The campaign is to remind people that they need cheese in their life.”