Tastes Like Teen spirit

It’s a campaign that could have the tabloids all atwitter. Teaser ads for McDonald’s summer music promotion feature Brittney Spears and NSYNC
playing spin-the-bottle.
Bucking the rumors of engagement (which have been denied by representatives of both singers), the spot doesn’t connect Spears and NSYNCer Justin Timberlake smooching. Instead, NSYNC member Lance Bass’s bottle points to Timberlake.
“We don’t focus on [the rumors],” said Burnett executive creative director Lisa Bennett. “The whole focus of the campaign is putting (Spears and NSYNC) together.”
The teaser ad is just one element of a large integrated campaign for the summer music promotion. The Oak Brook, Ill., restaurateur has even set up a Web site, www.hugem.com, that will feature 15-second snippets of behind-the-scenes footage of the music groups filming the spots.
It’s unlikely that wandering eyes will see Timberlake kissing Spears or Bass, however.
–Aaron Baar