Target Tries ‘Wii Fit Plus’ Experience

Target, in partnership with Nintendo, has set up Wii exercise kiosks outside store entrances and parking lots to build hype around the newest version of the popular weight-loss game, Wii Fit Plus.
The partnership is part of a shopper-marketing program (at nine Target locations nationwide) promoting the game. According to the retailer, shoppers who visit one of those locations on weekends from Jan. 16-31 will encounter the Wii Fit Plus Experience. The game was released on Oct. 4 in the U.S.

Target sees the event as a way to get consumers to splurge on a discretionary purchase, while encouraging them to keep their weight-loss goals. “We know at the beginning of the year our guests are thinking about ways to incorporate fitness into their busy lifestyle and we also know that many of our guests have a Wii in their household, so the Wii Fit Plus sampling events seemed like a natural fit and a way to highlight the value that Target provides to guests,” said Target rep Leah Guimond. She added that last weekend’s Wii Fit Plus Experience drew large numbers, as participants turned up “to see what the experience is all about.”
The Target Greatland in Thousand Oaks, Calif., for instance, kicked off the promotion this past weekend. One store manager (who asked to remain anonymous) said the two-day event drew so many consumers that they ran out of promotional gift cards. (As an incentive to exercise in public, Target is giving out $15 gift cards while supplies last.) Each location is equipped with eight kiosks, and the goal is to give participants some “feet-on time” equivalent to that of a “yoga studio,” Nintendo said. The next Wii Fit Plus exercise event will take place on Jan. 23 at three Targets in Burbank, Calif., Plano, Texas, and Miami.
Target and Nintendo are also providing snacks and free Wii demos on-site. Target is giving out free Archer Farm snacks, a brand it carries exclusively in its stores.
The retailer is wrapping up the promotion on Jan. 31, with events at stores in Valencia, Calif., Cypress, Texas, and Atlanta.