Tanqueray “Paris”

This new Tanqueray gin spot from Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, with the tagline “Resist simple,” is beautifully executed and captures the fragrant essence of the spirit with lush, colorful images created via still-life photography and matte paintings. Images of the botanicals that aid in the making of gin give way to the story of a man whose mouth “gets a wake up call as subtle as a tickle fight” by the flavors. While visiting Paris, we learn from the voiceover, he reunites with his sort-of ex-girlfriend. He meets up with a group of friends who all visit Paris frequently, but have never visited tourist destinations such as the Eiffel Tower, nor seen the Mona Lisa. And that’s where the spot loses me. The idea of positioning the gin of as the drink of choice for the individual rather than the masses is solid. And while avoiding over-crowded tourist destinations is appealing, the idea that these gin drinkers can’t be bothered to check out the signature sights leaves a too-cool bitter taste in my mouth.–Eleftheria Parpis