Talk About Chutzpah

Advertising is often criticized for trafficking in stereotypes–a serious and sometimes
accurate charge. In a new $3 million print and radio campaign for Birthright Israel North America, which broke last week, Dweck! turns the controversial issue on its tuckus.
“Sometimes it’s hard being Jewish,” reads the copy in the print ads, one of which shows a baby getting a ritual circumcision. And above a shot of college kids floating happily in a crystal-clear sea, the copy reads, “Sometimes it isn’t.”
This copy also appears in the other print ads, along with photos lampooning typical Jewish stereotypes.
The national campaign promotes free trips to Israel for Jewish students that are offered by the client, a New York-based philanthropic organization created by Seagram co-chairman Charles Bronfman and investor Michael Steinhardt.
The client is also running a Web site. “We’ve been making 150,000 hits a day,” said Michael Dweck, president of the New York hotshop. “Not too shabby for a kosher site.” –Richard Linnett