Taking A Walk On The Light Side: Eisner Vogues For Woodfield Mall

Eisner & Associates of Baltimore uses a comedic runway fantasy to sell the Woodfield shopping mall in a television spot breaking this week.
The campaign’s budget is estimated at just under $1 million.
The TV ad opens with a woman, somewhat reminiscent of Kirstie Alley, sauntering down a runway in an elegant, off-the-shoulder evening gown. Her walk, however, is performed in a naive, quirky style that makes it clear she is not a model. Through a cross-dissolve prompted by a saleswoman’s voice, it becomes clear that the runway was a fantasy for a shopper in a Woodfield’s dressing room. Her daydream interlude was caused by finding the perfect dress.
The commercial ends with a voiceover asking, “What’s your idea of perfect shopping?”
The spot breaks in the Chicago market this week on network affiliates. It will air on top-rated shows including Mad About You, Seinfeld and Dateline on NBC and Ally McBeal on Fox, among others.
“Shopping at Woodfield mall is a shopper’s dream come true,” said Eisner creative director Bill Mitchell. “And what we discovered is people are buying more than that perfect lamp or dress. They are buying the promise [it] holds. The spot captures what that promise might be.”
Chicago-based Woodfield is a high-end mall and is one of the nation’s largest in terms of dedicated retail space.
“By shopping there the Woodfield customer is transported into another world–that of fashion and glamour,” said Abe Novick, vice president, new business development at Eisner.
The commercial was directed by Boris Dam-ast of Santa Monica, Calif. Credits go to creative directors Mitchell, Jim Nealey and Kim Gallagher, art director Stacy Wentland, copywriter Andrew Zill, producer David Berger and editor Rip Lambert of Producer’s Video in Baltimore. Music was by Joe Ercole of Clean Cuts, also in Baltimore.