Taking an SUV Adventure

Rubin Postaer and Associates has beefed up Acura’s driving-as-adventure theme for its first MDX SUV ad effort.

The national TV and print campaign, which was originally scheduled for unveiling during the Oct. 2 Olympic’s closing ceremony, was released ahead of schedule late last week.

RPA, Santa Monica, Calif., wanted the creative for the MDX to be consistent with the work for other Acura models, such as the RL, TL, CL, Integra and NSX.

“This was really a big step for Acura in creating this SUV,” said RPA co-senior vice president/creative director Wendi Knox.

“The MDX takes this road trip campaign, but still shows a lot of features of the car, reflecting an attitude of adventure,” added Knox.

Two new commercials for the MDX rely on inspiring scenery and good tunes as a way of connecting with the car maker’s target market.

One spot shows the sport utility vehicle being driven through Taos, N.M., while another employs Jackson Hole, Wyo., as a backdrop to showcase the vehicle’s outdoor capabilities and luxury styling.

The musical scores were arranged by a musicologist to match the TV vignettes.

The song for the Jackson Hole spot has a techno-Western melody, while Taos has a more spiritual sound—reflecting the calm and serenity of the popular New Mexico getaway.

“The music seemed to really fit with the people who are interested in Acura,” Knox said.

Added co-senior vice president/creative director Mark Erwin, “They’re visually different places; but conceptually, they’re both upscale vacation spots.”

All of Acura’s commercials begin with footage of a key in the ignition. The MDX spot is no exception.

The MDX spots, however, also have various title sequences scattered throughout the commercials. The words “Get away” are followed by “Get away from it all” and then “Get it all.”

The spoken tagline is “Taking the SUV to a place it’s never been before.”

The Acura creative team includes executive vice president, director of creative services Larry Postaer, Erwin, Knox, as well as agency producer Shelly Eisner.