Taking Stock Of ’05

Hurricanes, $3 gallons of gas and rising interest rates made investors nervous in 2005, but on the last trading day of the year, national stock indexes showed little change from 2004. The Dow closed on Friday at 10,717.50, down 20.51 points (.19 percent) for the year and 166.25 points (1.53 percent) for the week. The Nasdaq gained 29.98 points (1.37 percent) over the year, closing at 2,205.32, still down 47.73 points (2.1 percent) for the week. Ad stocks also remained steady, except for IPG, which this year didn’t report any numbers until Sept. 30. IPG closed at 9.65, down 3 cents for the week, but off 27.83 percent for the year (3.73 points). WPP closed down at .65 points for the week (1.19 percent) and .15 points (.27 percent) for the year, closing at 54.00 in 2005. OMC was the only stock to gain for the year, up 1.89 points (2.02 percent) at 85.13, but down 1.55 points (1.78 percent) over the four-day week.