As a means to grab the attention of Korean car maker Daewoo Motor Co., Korey Kay & Partners recently suggested launching a Daewoo car into orbit.

Allen Kay, shop chairman and originator of the proposed publicity stunt, said, ‘NASA’s (only concern about launching a car) was to make sure it contained no liquids, such as gasoline, oil, transmission or brake fluids, and that depending on the materials we use, we might have to Teflon-coat the seats.’

Kay swears he is on the level.

‘We cleared it with NASA and they said it was feasible,’ Kay said.

Kay also suggested to Daewoo that the launch be filmed and made into a documentary. To illustrate his point, the agency principal even included a crudely executed drawing (shown here) in his proposal to the client.

On NASA’s advice, Kay developed a ‘scientific purpose’ to bolster the ‘significance’ of the event. He suggested the launch could be used to find out how Earth materials fare in space.

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