Adding Up Adweek’s Classified Ads for Jobs

The market for jobs in advertising, marketing and media goes from strength to strength, judging by the volume of help-wanted classifieds running in Adweek. When one region slows a bit, another takes up the slack, keeping the year-to-date gain for the country as a whole at a healthy 19 percent. Propelled by two consecutive strong months, the East has edged past the Southeast as the region showing the biggest gain so far in ’97.

Teen Idols

They Weren’t Asked About Favorite String Quartets

Their gods are not our gods. For a grown-up, it’s an unnerving experience to read a list of teenagers’ favorite celebrities–not because the names denote choices we deplore but because so many of them are utterly unfamiliar. A recent poll by Chicago-based Leo Burnett asked kids age 11-17 for their choices of ‘celebs who are cool.’ Tops among boys: Tyra Banks, Nia Long and Neve Campbell. Faves among girls: Antonio Sabato Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio and David Schwimmer. If you would recognize all six of these people if they bumped into you on the street, give yourself a pat on the back. Adults may feel the playing field is a bit more level where teens’ choices of favorite athletes are concerned. In this category, the boys opted for Lisa Leslie, Michael Jordan and Grant Hill; the girls picked Michelle Kwan, Cheryl Swoopes and

Sandra Farmer-Patrick. One intriguing oddity of the survey’s findings: While the boys’ lists of top three actors, athletes and cool celebs didn’t at all overlap the girls’, kids of both genders had identical choices where pop music was concerned, with No Doubt, Alanis Morissette and Smashing Pumpkins topping the list in each case.

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