Take It Out Of The Ballpark

Billboards hawking cold brews have adorned professional ballparks since the early days of our national pastime. But a beer-related sign on the outfield wall of a little league facility in Newton, Mass., was simply too much for some parents to swallow.
Before being removed last week, the sign at Jay Gordon Field carried the logo of Boston Beer Co.’s Boston Lager brand and read: “Our beer is carefully aged before drinking. You should be, too.” The sign was carted away on Wednesday after parents complained to little league officials and local media that Boston Beer was in effect promoting its suds to kids.
Client representative Sally Jackson maintained that the billboard was intended as a public service message proclaiming the brewer’s tough stance against underage drinking.
The sign, which had been up for at least five years, will now stay down for good, Jackson said. That apparently displeased a couple of camera crews from Boston TV stations, who requested the sign be replaced for a short time, so they could take some footage for the evening news, Jackson said.–David Gianatasio