Tahiti Invites Tourists to Invest in Their Love

A new multimedia marketing campaign by Tahiti Tourisme North America emphasizes the importance of investing in something they say is more important than beleaguered stocks, 401(k)s or bonds: love.

“Traveling is an essential tool in investing in your relationships,” said Al Keahi, managing director at TTNA, in a statement. “During these challenging times, cutting back on each other should be the last thing any family or couple should do. Tahiti is the perfect place to invest in your relationship as the islands are secluded, serene and are continually ranked by top travel outlets as the most romantic destination in the world for couples of all ages.”

The “Invest in Your Love” campaign, via the Phelps Group, Santa Monica, Calif., is an effort to attract consumers to the South Pacific group of islands collectively known as Tahiti (French Polynesia). It targets mainly North American consumers, but also hopes to increase tourism from France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

Online banners, search engine marketing, print advertising and public relations all comprise parts of the campaign. But a significant effort includes viral online content at a microsite, www.investinyourlove.com. The site features special offers, a deal of the week, trip planner, a discount finder titled “Cash in Your 401t for Tahiti” and a variety of “love stimulus packages” for couples. A quote ticker at the bottom of the page scrolls to remind you of things like, “If you had spent your money on a trip to Tahiti, you wouldn’t have lost it in the market.” For the deskbound consumer, a Tahiti widget is available for download to entice you at your computer with imagery, interactive travel maps and a (rarely unpleasant) weather report.

Later this month, a series of online video contests will launch on the site. Couples and families are to submit interesting and entertaining videos illustrating why they deserve to win a trip to Tahiti. For the North American market, Tahiti Tourisme will award six trips in 2009, including international airfare, inter-island transport and first-class accommodations.

TTNA plans to heavily boost its spending in 2009. The global “Invest in Your Love” campaign will cost $3.8 million, and $1.4 in the U.S., per Tahiti Tourisme. The tourist group spent $2 million in the U.S. on measured media in 2008, per Nielsen.