TaG snag

After a last-minute tagline change, the State Colleges of Massachusetts recently broke a statewide animated TV campaign by DavisPartners for its first joint branding effort.

The tagline for the campaign, “Come here. Go Anywhere,” emphasizes the colleges’ message. Originally, the tagline was “Start here. Go Anywhere,” a duplicate of L.L. Bean’s slogan. The replacement line was implemented when the similarity was discovered, a representative of the Boston agency said.

“There were some interesting creative challenges—we wanted to create a unique campaign, but we had a limited budget,” said Tom Davis, creative director and president of DavisPartners.

Davis attended the Massachusetts College of Art, one of the seven schools backing the campaign with a mid-six-figure budget.

The campaign consists of three animated spots, each featuring a different child. In one execution a child is playing in a bathtub with a toy boat. The boat morphs into a yacht and a voice-over asks: “Who says you have to put your dreams away when you become an adult?” In the next scene the girl is grown up and captain of the yacht.

Ads will run on the cable stations, MTV, USA, Lifetime & TNT. There will be a seven-week media flight.