taco loco

A new campaign for Specialty Brands’ José Olé frozen Mexican foods shows a yellow ice cream-style delivery truck driving through a suburban neighborhood hawking the company’s products. Semicrazed residents chase after the truck in quest of tacos and burritos.

The ads are careful to dispel any potential excitement that curbside taco delivery is coming to a neighborhood near you anytime soon. Toward the end of the spot from Minneapolis agency Campbell Mithun, a disclaimer appears at the bottom of the screen, warning that the frozen foods are found only at the grocery store.

“We’re always concerned that people might misconstrue things,” says executive creative director Cathy Grisham of the disclaimer. “We thought it was a funny way to make sure there was no confusion.”

Judging by the excitement of some of the characters in the spot, however, it might only be a matter of time before some young entrepreneur picks up on the idea.