Taco Bell Unveils the Quesalupa With Help From James Harden and Neymar

It's bigger than hoverboards and man buns

The cheesy Quesalupa, a chalupa with a cheese-filled shell, is here. 

Taco Bell revealed the new product, which it first mentioned in a humorous redacted press release, in its final Super Bowl spot.

A 30-second version of the ad, created by Deutsch L.A., aired during the first quarter of the game. The brand used its website, Ta.co, earlier in the week to allow fans to preorder the mystery item and have it delivered to them the day before the Big Game ad debuted.   

According to the spot, the new product is going to be bigger than man buns, Tinder, drones, driverless cars, hoverboards and VR. It's even bigger than some of the celebrities featured in the ad including James Harden and soccer star Neymar.

Take a look at the extended version of the ad: