Tabasco Fires Up Review

TracyLocke said it would defend in McIlhenny Co.’s review of its Tabasco brand advertising account.
The brand typically spends $3-5 million annually in domestic measured media, per Nielsen. Half-year 2010 ad spending was $2.5 million, which equals what the brand spent during all of last year.
The hot sauce brand has been with Omnicom Group’s TracyLocke in Dallas for nearly a quarter century. (The history is somewhat complicated, because TL and sibling DDB Dallas have gone through various reconfigurations. Even so, Tabasco has been on the TL/DDB Dallas roster for 24 years.)
Agency CEO Ron Askew said in a statement: “While McIlhenny is following an industry practice in conducting an administrative review of its advertising account, our relationship is strong and the company continues to support ongoing marketing efforts led by TracyLocke. We plan to participate in this review and continue our partnership.” Select Resources International in Santa Monica, Calif., is managing the review.
The brand’s biggest ad splash came in 1997, with a well-remembered Super Bowl spot that saw a mosquito drink blood from a teenage victim eating a pizza slathered in Tabasco sauce. The insect flew off — and promptly exploded.