T3 Rearms MoneyStar as Cofiniti in Print Series

The perils of sending your financial advisors out into the world under-equipped are playfully illustrated in a Cofiniti campaign from T3.

The estimated $2-3 million print and direct mail effort includes the relaunch of the Austin, Texas, company formerly known as MoneyStar, now named after its new Internet browser-based software product.

Ads show a man in a jungle warfare scene armed only with a giant squirt gun; a serious bike racer astride a tricycle; and a diver in shark-invested waters swimming in a protective cage that only comes down to his waist.

The tagline: “If you’re not using Cofiniti, do your people have what they need?”

A direct mail campaign—including sending the water gun shown in the ad to select clients—took place in December.

Print advertising breaks this month in trade and business publications including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, American Banker and Insurance and Technology.

Cofiniti unites real-time financial information and interactive tools on Internet browsers. The target markets for the software are the monetary planning and advising communities as well as financial products suppliers. Customers include H&R Block, Synovus, Wells Fargo and California Federal.

Said T3 account director and principal Tom Breedlove: “The current books that they are in are filled with product-specific ads; it’s kind of mind-numbing. The campaign intentionally focuses on the big picture issues rather than the technical details of the product. But we might want to get more specific in the next round of advertising.”

Austin-based T3 acquired the account last year following an informal review. Cofiniti’s chief marketing officer, Andy Gill, had previously worked with the agency as an executive for T3 client Rx.com.