T3 To Be Aggressive for Cooper

Info Tech Bosses Are the Initial Ad Targets
DALLAS–An Austin, Texas-based software services specialist has selected T3 here to handle its $1.6 million advertising account, according to the agency.
Cooper Consulting, which provides software writing services to regional high-tech and financial companies, chose T3 after a review of undisclosed local agencies.
T3 president Gay Warren Gaddis said the scope of duties will include advertising and public relations support. Initial work will involve highly targeted relationship marketing efforts directed toward information technology (IT) managers who are potential users of Cooper Consulting’s services.
“This is a new step for them, to be an aggressive marketing player,” said Gaddis.
Gaddis said she did not know if the company worked with another agency previously. Client officials could not be reached at press time.
Cooper Consulting deals mainly with companies and government entities with proprietary computer software systems, such as mainframes and client-server operations. Of peak demand now are services to correct the “Y2K” bug that could affect older computer programs at the start of the new millennium.
“We’ll be working on how we’re going to reach [IT managers],” said Gaddis. “Our goal is to get [Cooper] in front of these people.”
T3 handles similar relationship marketing responsibilities for Dell Computers of Austin and Raleigh, N.C.-based Quintiles, she said.
Building an Internet presence for Cooper Consulting is another likely initiative, according to Gaddis.