Swirl Stirs Giants’ Fans in Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO Aiming to boost attendance at 81 home games this season, Swirl has created a multimedia campaign for the San Francisco Giants, with television, radio and online ads breaking in the next few weeks, the agency said.

Spending was not disclosed. The Giants spent $2 million on advertising in 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Three 30-second TV spots feature man-on-the-street interviews exploring different topics: Who will you take? Are you hungry (meaning, your favorite food at the stadium)? Some of the answers: “My grandfather,” “my daughter,” “Jessica Alba” and “I eat an unhealthy amount of garlic fries.”

Another question asks people what they like about seeing the Giants play in front of more than 40,000 fans. Their answers: “The energy is, like, wild.” “The whole atmosphere of being at the ballpark.”

Martin Lauber, creative director at the independent San Francisco shop, said none of the people in the TV spots are actors. They are all locals, and some were interviewed on camera three minutes after being stopped on the street, he said.

“Our overriding goal was to make that tagline mean something: ‘Your SF Giants.’ That’s why we involved real people,” Lauber said.

Swirl also created outdoor messages on wallscapes and buses. Print ads show action shots of players such as Barry Bonds and Noah Lowry superimposed over a bright blue sky and the San Francisco cityscape. Under a player’s last name and number is the “Your SF Giants” tagline.

Radio breaks next week, followed by an interactive component, guerrilla marketing and a second wave of TV spots in April and May, the agency said.