Swirl Finds Its Groove

Shop’s First Campaign for Virgin Megastores Celebrates a Hip, Eclectic Taste in Music
SAN FRANCISCO–Swirl unveils its first TV work for Virgin Megastores this week with three 30-second TV spots in the first phase of a new national campaign for the retail music chain.
The campaign’s tagline, “Something for all of you,” replaces “One store. Infinite possibilities.” The previous tag was developed by the client’s former shop, Brains in Los Angeles. San Francisco-based Swirl was awarded the business in March.
“We had to redefine what ‘mega’ means to people,” said Martin Lauber, creative director for Swirl, “because being big is not necessarily a good thing.”
Lauber said Virgin Megastores is targeting consumers ages 15-34 who have “eclectic” tastes in music.
“[These consumers] try to be a lot of different things, and they want to be very worldly,” said Lauber, adding that the client wants to “really stand for something” with this audience.
In one spot, a leather-clad, blue-bespectacled hepcat crouching on a raised platform claims he is a “jazz purist who likes to two-step.” As the camera turns to a group of line dancers, he goes on to say, “I’m a country dancer who likes to vaporize cyborgs,” and is then seen feverishly playing a video game. The subject reveals more facets of his personality as the spot progresses, until he wraps things up with: “And I can get it all at Virgin Megastores.”
The other two spots use a similar format, but with different characters and images that match their various personality traits. The voiceovers were done by “Dave,” a disc jockey in Virgin Megastores’ West Hollywood, Calif., location, according to Lauber.
Trade and consumer print work, as well as radio ads, are scheduled to break later this month. The client is initially backing the entire effort with at least $5 million in media spending, according to sources.
TV and radio spots are only airing in major cities where the client has a presence, such as San Francisco, New York, New Orleans and Los Angeles.
Los Angeles-based Virgin Megastores has asked Swirl to start work on a Christmas campaign, using the same tagline and possibly the same TV format, said Lauber.