A Swing And A Miss

It’s not easy for drive-time morning DJs to shock anybody these days, but it can be done.
At least two Dallas network affiliates pulled a 30-second TV ad for KTXQ-FM in which the local station’s Lex & Terry team mock a well-known Babe Ruth legend.
The spot shows them visiting a dying kid, whose weak, crackly voice begs the two to do just one more funny show: “It’s the only thing that keeps me going.”
Despite a meek promise to “Jimmy,” the next scene finds them standing over his grave. “I, uh . . . I thought it was a funny show,” Lex says.
If that wasn’t enough to offend, Terry goes for broke: “Hey, did you see his mom?” he asks lasciviously.
KTXQ vice president and general manager Pat Fant, who brought in the talent in May from Jacksonville, Fla., noted a follow-up spot is slated for October, which he said should diffuse the controversy.
We’ll see . . . unless the stations pull that one, too.