Sweet Shop Puts Ayson in the Picture

Commercial director Steve Ayson has joined The Sweet Shop in New York for global representation and management. He’s recently completed work for Fosters Pure Blonde for Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne and R+V Insurance for Jung Von Matt in Berlin. And his much-anticipated work for Coca-Cola Olympics with Weiden + Kennedy is scheduled to air right after the New Year. Sweet Shop CEO/managing partner Paul Prince said: “Steve is very talented and ambitious. He looks for brilliance in ideas, his work has it’s own style of inventiveness and having been a creative, he seeks to collaborate with the best people.” Added Ayson: “I’ve been very fortunate to have had the backing of such great companies based in London and the U.S., but it now makes sense for me to consolidate my management to coordinate and concentrate on the great work that’s been coming my way. I’ve a strong support structure around me with The Sweet Shop, so with the increasing opportunities I’m seeing, this will free me up to focus solely on my work being the best it can be and evolving my style for the people I collaborate with.”