Swardlick Shows Its Spiritual Side

BOSTON Swardlick Marketing Group has launched its latest work for the Maine Department of Transportation.

The 30-second TV spot shows five nuns packed into a car for a long journey. The nun who is driving grows increasingly frustrated at the others who play guitars and sing loudly, give the wrong directions and request frequent stops for snacks. At the end of the commercial the driving nun angrily throws the guitar out the window. A voiceover says, “Sometimes traveling by car can try even the patience of a saint. Why not check out a smart alternative, at SmartAlternative.org? And see if a bus or train is going your way?”

The spot attempts to use humor to entice commuters to use public transportation in Maine and New Hampshire. “People are married to their cars. We wanted to exaggerate the lengths that people will go to, to stay in their cars,” said Kristin Lama Patterson, marketing and public relations manager at the Portland, Maine, shop. “Nuns are seen as the most patient people—[we wanted to illustrate] if they are frustrated, then everyone else will be.”

The Partnership for a Smart Alternative is made up of the Maine Department of Transportation, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and the Maine Turnpike Authority. The organizations have teamed up to cut down on traffic along the I-95 corridor from Bangor, Maine, to Boston by encouraging the public to use buses and trains.

Swardlick has worked with the MDT since 2001.

The spot is airing on Maine and New Hampshire cable stations.