How do you advertise a steakhouse without focusing on just meat and potatoes?

For client Cafe Concepts’ restaurant Shelly’s New York, Korey Kay & Partners wanted to tout the establishment’s breadth of offerings and New York flavor without making it seem too traditional—and has done so with an ad that features an informative diagram. Of a cow.

The bovine is divided into sections, like a butcher’s chart. But instead of showing different cuts of meat, the sections are labeled with items the New York restaurant offers, such as “foie gras,” “sushi,” and “stone crabs.” The copy reads, “Hardly your typical steakhouse.” The tagless ad is themed, “Manhattan cuisine.”

“It’s the food that makes New York famous and represents everything New York has to offer,” said Rob Hofferman, vp, account director at the New York-based shop.

Hofferman noted the initial idea was to create a steak list—like a wine list—showing different cuts. But the focus was too narrow, and so the shop devised this creative.

The ad, which broke last month, is running in publications such as The New York Times, New York magazine and Playbill.