Survey Says

There’s good news and bad news about sex and electronic devices, according to a recent Playboy study.

The good news: If stranded on a desert island (with electricity, one assumes), three out of four men (ages 18-49) would choose the love and companionship of a woman over their favorite personal computer, cell phone, etc.

The bad news: That still leaves one out of four playing with Lara Croft, so to speak.

Who are these antisocial misfits? More important, exactly which consumer-electronics devices would these guys purchase?

Those questions are addressed by the Mantrack 2001 survey, launched by Playboy Enterprises in its quest to be the “authoritative source on marketing to men.” This survey offers information on which brands are regarded as cutting edge, design savvy, quality leaders, etc.-insights valuable to advertisers.

Back to this consumer-electronics thing. Survey says, one out of 12 men admit to having less sex because of the time they spend with their electronic devices.

Let’s hope that’s just a new kind of quality time.