Survey: L’Oreal Will Top Oscar ROI

NEW YORK L’Oreal will be the biggest winner and McDonald’s the biggest loser on Oscar night in terms of commercial ROI, according to Brand Keys, a loyalty and engagement consultancy here.

L’Oreal will enjoy an estimated 15 percent ROI during ABC’s Academy Awards telecast, while McDonald’s will get nothing for its efforts, based on a Brand Keys survey of 1,200 men and women, age 18-59, who expressed a strong interest in watching the Oscars.

“Understanding ahead of time where your brand will get the biggest boost ensures you are getting a better return on your investment,” said Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president.

Why did L’Oreal come out on top? It’s not because Brand Keys represents them, along with companies such as KeySpan and Samsung, insists Passikoff.

“What are the essential values in the category in which L’Oreal competes: beauty, glamour and elegance. Those are the kinds of values that are inherent in the L’Oreal brand. If you look at the Academy Awards, this seems to be a reinforcement of those values,” said Passikoff.

As for McDonald’s, Passikoff suggested the eatery look to more appropriate promotional venues, such as sporting events, where the audience is more in sync with the chain’s fast-food offerings.

J.C. Penney, which recently launched a new branding campaign, is the only other advertiser to come in at zero.

“It’s an issue of what you say and what people believe,” said Passikoff. “J.C. Penney can say whatever they want about high fashion, which they have been doing recently. It’s not as high end as, say, a Macy’s.”

Here are the full results of the survey, showing the projected ROI for the brands advertising on Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast:

L’Oreal: 15%
Dove Cream Oil: 11%
General Motors: 11%
American Express: 10%
Olay: 10%
Kodak: 9%
AT&T: 8%
Pepsi: 5%
Coca-Cola: 5%
Microsoft: 4%
MasterCard: 3%
Mars: 3%
CareerBuilder: 2%
Masterfoods: 2%
Bank of America: 1%
J.C. Penney: 0
McDonald’s: 0