Survey Data Proves Just How Foolishly the Super Bowl Makes Us Behave

It's the time of year to eat poorly, spend too much, then call in sick

The funny thing about traditions is that, the longer they endure, the harder it is to see just how strange some of them really are. There’s probably no better example of this maxim than the Super Bowl, which well north of 100 million of us will be watching on Sunday evening. Even though many of us actually don’t care for sports, don’t understand football so well, or think much of the NFL, we will watch. For this game, we will spend money we don’t have, eat food we know we shouldn’t, and then use all of it as an excuse to skip work the next day. Don’t believe it? Adweek drew out some telling data points from this year’s crop of consumer surveys related to the Super Bowl, and supplies the proof below.