Surf’S Up

A low-budget PSA designed to discourage marijuana use among young people is earning its weight in gold. Make that golds.
The 30-second spot for the Partnership for a Drug Free America (shown here), titled “Surfing Monkey,” has garnered a number of awards for Team One Advertising since it debuted last November. It won a Gold Pencil from the One Show (a first for the El Segundo, Calif., agency), a Belding Bowl from the Los Angeles Advertising Club and an Andy from the Advertising Club of New York.
The spot depicts an ugly ceramic coin bank in the shape of, you guessed it, a surfing monkey, spinning slowly on a shopping channel-type program. An announcer says that a caller has purchased
15 of the banks-no bargain at $19.95 each. The caller, an obviously stoned teenager, responds, “Yeah.” The laughter of his friends can be heard in the background.
The spot goes to black with a simple message: “Marijuana. A very expensive habit.”
Team One co-chairman, creative director Tom Cordner said, “People in that age group find it informative in a way that doesn’t preach.”
-Angela Dawson