In spite of what many may think, great creative work does not sell itself; somebody has to handle that often dirty job. That is why the Creative Club of Atlanta thinks its high time someone rewarded those few and far between account executives with an award.

The club has created ‘The Golden Spine,’ which will be given to the one or two account people in the Southeast who understand, appreciate and can sell good creative work.

The nominees will be judged according to their ability to recognize good work, defend it when under attack by the client, push for it, respect it and be associated with it on a regular basis.

The judges for the inaugural award included Tom Monahan (Before & After), Luke Sullivan (Fallon McElligott), Kirk Souder (Ground Zero) and Jelly Helm (The Martin Agency). The winner(s) will be honored at a luncheon in June.

If you have a favorite suit (in the agency, not your closet), you can call (404) 874-0908 for more information.

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