Super Bowl Ad Tracker: All About 2017’s Commercials

A frequently updated roster of the Big Game's brands

Welcome sports fans and ad fans, to Adweek’s Super Bowl LI Ad Tracker. Here you’ll find details of the commercials that will broadcast during the Big Game, both regionally and nationally, and the agencies that created them.

With 30-second ads reportedly costing at least $5 million, this is essentially in line with what CBS sold ads for during last year’s Super Bowl 50.

Below you’ll find categories of ad content, any teasers or images of the incoming ads, as well as a list of brands that participated last year, but didn’t return. We’ll update as we get more information, so be sure to check back regularly.

Recent updates:

  • Paramount released two ads for upcoming movies.
  • Watch a new spot from Coke Zero.
  • Michelin will air a 30-second spot in the first quarter.
  • The video game World of Tanks will air two back-to-back :15s spoofing reality shows.
  • National Geographic makes Super Bowl debut directly after halftime to promote scripted series.
  • NFL released its “Baby Legends” spot.
  • Hulu released an ad for “The Handmaid’s Tale” in Super Bowl debut.
  • Michelob Ultra released its fitness-related spot.
  • T-Mobile‘s ad stars Justin Bieber and Rob Gronkowski.
  • Bud Light‘s ad features ol’ Spuds MacKenzie.



Audi: The luxury automaker, Audi, has confirmed participation in Super Bowl LI. This will be the ninth time Audi has appeared in the Big Game, and the spot will be done by its creative shop Venables Bell & Partners. Watch the full 60-second ad, featuring a feminist dad, below.

Buick: Buick is set to return to the Super Bowl with a 30-second spot airing in the first half of the game. The agency Engage M1 will create the spot, which marks the second consecutive year of Buick’s participation. Watch the full ad below, starring Miranda Kerr and Cam Newton.

Ford: In addition to its new in-person interactive experience now open in New York, the FordHub, Ford will air an ad after the coin toss and before kickoff. It will show how Ford’s self-driving vehicles and ride and bike sharing programs help people get around.

Honda: With a focus on the CR-V, Honda is back in the Super Bowl for the third time. With a spot produced by its agency-of-record, RPA, we’re expected to see an ad that builds on “last year’s widely viewed Ridgeline pickup introduction,” according to a company spokesperson. Watch the full ad below.

Hyundai: This ad will appear technically after the game is over, right before the trophy ceremony. The catch is that this spot will be filmed while the game is airing, documentary-style, directed by Peter Berg with assistance from Film 45 and Pony Show Entertainment, while Hyundai’s agency of record Innocean Worldwide will handle creative.

Kia: Kia is gearing up to promote its 2017 Niro car with a spot in Super Bowl LI. The car company’s agency-of-record, David&Goliath, will promote the new vehicle. This year’s 60-second spot will star Melissa McCarthy in the third quarter, though two :15s featuring her narration premiere this week. Here’s the full ad.

Lexus: Joining the Super Bowl for the third time, Lexus will run an ad in 2017 featuring its new LS and LC vehicles. Along with a few “surprises,” the ad features Minnie Driver as the “new voice of Lexus.” The spot will be produced by the Team One agency. Watch the spot below.

Mercedes-Benz: This marks the fourth (non-consecutive) year for Mercedes advertising in the Super Bowl. Watch the extended 60-second spot below, directed by the Coen brothers and starring Peter Fonda in a tribute to “Easy Rider.”

WeatherTech: For the fourth year in a row, WeatherTech will present an ad during the Super Bowl. Last year’s ad was created by Pinnacle Advertising and ran for 30 seconds.


Avocados From Mexico: In its third consecutive ad run in the Super Bowl, Avocados From Mexico will focus on a “health and wellness” message. Additionally, this spot will air during the first commercial break of the game. The company worked with the GSD&M agency to create the spot. Here’s the full ad which gives a peek at an #AvoSecrets meeting.

KFC: As created by Wieden + Kennedy, the spot will feature two celebrity colonels battling it out with Rob Riggle and Billy Zane. The ad will feature the new Georgia Gold Chicken from the fast food restaurant and is the Super Bowl debut for KFC. Watch the full ad below.

King’s Hawaiian: Though the ads have already been airing, the sneaky-themed spot will air during the Super Bowl in the first ad slot in the fourth quarter. Created by Levit Agency, produced by Gartner and directed by Mike Bigelow, this spot marks the bread (and now barbecue sauce) brand’s Super Bowl debut.

Skittles: Get ready for a “Skittleized” Super Bowl LI. The spot airing during the game will be created by adam&eveDDB, who has worked with sports stars and athletes in previous spots. Watch the spot below.

Snickers: Agency BBDO has confirmed to Adweek that Snickers will be appearing in Super Bowl LI. Snickers has confirmed that Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will play the lead in the spot. This will be the first live Super Bowl ad.

Wendy’s: With a 30-second spot, Wendy’s makes its Super Bowl debut this year. The spot, below, features a small dig at the “Othr Guyz LLC” which uses plenty of frozen beef.

Wonderful Pistachios: A 15-second spot, featuring the voice of John Cena, will air in the first quarter for the snack company, owned by Wonderful Company. Previously, the pistachio company aired ads in the 2013 and 2014 Super Bowl games.

Bai: Another celebrity is joining the ranks of Super Bowl spots: Justin Timberlake for Bai Brands. Timberlake is an investor and “chief flavor officer” for the company, and this 30-second spot will be created by its in-house creative team. This is the second consecutive year for Bai in the Super Bowl. Timberlake uploaded a teaser image to his Instagram account.

Yes, we went there... #SB51 @drinkbai

A photo posted by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

Bud Light: During a 60-second spot, Bud Light will debut a new tag line: “Famous Among Friends.” Bud Light’s creative shop, Wieden + Kennedy in New York created the campaign and the tagline. This is one of four total spots in this year’s Super Bowl for Bud Light, Budweiser and Busch, with one ad appearing in each quarter of the game. Watch Bud Light’s ad, featuring the ghost of Spuds MacKenzie, below.

Busch: The Anheuser-Busch InBev brand will be making its Super Bowl debut in 2017 to highlight its value brand portfolio with Michelob Ultra, too. The spot will be created by Deutsch, which won creative duties for Busch and Busch Light back in August. Watch the full ad below.

Coke Zero: Watch the 30-second spot from Coke Zero, titled Snail’s House.

Fiji Water: A 15-second spot of a previous ad campaign will run during the third quarter from the Wonderful Company-owned brand. This will be Fiji Water’s Super Bowl debut.

LifeWTR: With a song from John Legend, this colorful spot marks LifeWTR’s first Super Bowl spot. The “premium water brand” is owned by Pepsi, the game’s halftime sponsor, and an extended version of the ad is available below.

Michelob Ultra: In a fitness-centric spot, Michelob Ultra worked with indie director Derek Cianfrance to create the ad. Watch the full clip below.

Yellow Tail: For the first time in 40 years, a wine brand will advertise in the Super Bowl. Yellow Tail has purchased a 30-second regional spot that will reach 80 percent of the country.


Nintendo: For the first time, Nintendo will appear in the Super Bowl. This ad is for its new system, Nintendo Switch, and will appear in the fourth quarter. Leo Burnett in Chicago handled creative for the ad. Watch the spot below.

Top Games USA Inc.: Top Games is a mobile gaming company, and has purchased a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl, to air in the third quarter. Independent San Francisco agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners will handle creative on the effort. Watch the full ad below.

World of Tanks: Joining the game with two 15-second spots is World of Tanks. The ads were created by Mekanism for the parent company’s, Wargaming, first time in the Super Bowl. Watch one of the spots below.


H&R Block: This 60-second spot, produced by Fallon in Minneapolis, will star Jon Hamm. Hamm is already appearing in ads for the tax preparation service. H&R Block used IBM’s Watson technology to help clients find more tax refunds. The brand has chosen not to release the ad ahead of the Big Game.

TurboTax: Starring celebs like DJ Khaled and Kathy Bates, TurboTax’s new campaign for 2017 also includes a 45-second spot in the Super Bowl. This is TurboTax’s fourth consecutive spot in the Super Bowl, and it’s a part of a broader “Relax It’s TurboTax” campaign. Independent multicultural agency Grupo Gallegos worked on the campaign along with Wieden + Kennedy Portland. Here’s the official ad for this year.


Hulu: Making its Super Bowl debut, Hulu released a 30-second spot for its highly anticipated dystopian original series, The Handmaid’s Tale, based off the novel from Margaret Atwood. Watch the full ad below.

National Geographic: Stay tuned right after Lady Gaga’s halftime show for NatGeo’s first ever Super Bowl promotional spot. Its first ever scripted series, Genius, premieres in April, as a look at the “man behind the mind” of famous innovators. Watch the time warp spot below.

Netflix: With a promo for the second series of its hit series Stranger Things, Netflix made its Super Bowl debut. The new series will be available on Halloween. Watch the trailer below.

NFL: With a nod to last year’s big hit, the NFL released a spot titled “Baby Legends.” This 30-second spot was produced by Grey New York and will run right before the third quarter. Watch these adorable tots dressed as famous NFL legends below.

Paramount: With a couple of ads this year, Paramount advertised both its upcoming feature A Ghost In The Shell as well as the upcoming Baywatch movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron.


GoDaddy: After dropping out of Super Bowl 50 last year, Go Daddy will return to 2017’s Super Bowl. This will also start a year-long campaign with a humorous spot created by the agency Bullish, as GoDaddy ended its partnership with TBWA\Chiat\Day earlier this year. Here’s the full spot, titled “The Internet Wants You,” which features sneezing pandas and cats on Roombas.

Squarespace: This year’s 30-second spot from Squarespace will feature John Malkovich, after the actor starred in a short film for the company earlier in 2016. The spot is being developed with creative help from John x Hannes. Here’s the full spot below. With its third spot in a Super Bowl, Wix will focus on telling the Wix story itself. “The ad shows that it doesn’t matter how disruptive the world is or the challenges you’ll face in starting your own business—we’ll be there for you,” said Omer Shai, the CMO of Wix. Watch the spot below.


Febreze: With a 30-second spot airing in the second quarter created by Grey New York, Febreze joins fellow Procter & Gamble brand Mr. Clean in a Super Bowl debut. Watch the full ad below, narrated by Kathryn Hahn.

GNC: After its stock price fell 50 percent this year, GNC will partner with Bullish, the agency also creating an ad spot for GoDaddy, for an ad that will run during the first quarter of the Super Bowl. This spot has reportedly been rejected by the NFL.

It’s A 10 Haircare: Another newcomer to the Super Bowl, It’s A 10 Haircare has purchased a 30-second spot that will be directed by the Oscar-nominated Bryan Buckley. It will air in the third quarter. Take a look at the ad below.

Mr. Clean: This Procter & Gamble brand will make its Super Bowl debut this year. The only confirmed detail so far is that the spot will run for 30 seconds during the third quarter, presumably right when the grass-stained uniforms will need some deep cleaning. Watch the full, somewhat sexy, ad here.

Persil: Marking it’s second consecutive year in the Super Bowl, Persil will return. Last year, the detergent brand used “The Professional” in its ad and will continue in that theme this year, too. TWBA will handle the creative for the spot. Watch the teaser below.

Tide: Joining the roster of other P&G brands, Tide will also air an ad during the Super Bowl. The length of the ad is not yet known, though Saatchi & Saatchi created the spot. Rob Gronkowski, a tight end for the Patriots, is in the ad along with Jeffrey Tambor. Watch the teaser below.


84 Lumber: In a surprise twist, a construction supplies company has purchased a 90-second ad that will lead into the game’s halftime segment. Brunner will create the spot, though there’s no word yet on how much the ad will cost 84 Lumber to air nationally. Fox Sports is currently rejecting the first version of the ad, which may have had a “wall” or “border crossing” theme.

Tiffany & Co.: For the first time, Tiffany’s will advertise in the Super Bowl. This marks the brand’s first TV spot in 20 years, and it will star Lady Gaga who is the Super Bowl’s halftime performer. Watch the full regional ad below.


Airbnb: In an ad that’s a tad political, Airbnb played an ad titled #WeAccept. Watch it below.

Intel: Showing off what replay technology can do for athletes even when they’re off the field, Intel has released a 30-second spot that will air during the Super Bowl featuring Tom Brady. Intel released the ad before the Patriots made the Big Game, so its gamble paid off.

Sprint: With a 30-second spot produced by Droga5, Sprint enters this year’s Super Bowl. The ad will air during the second quarter and is promised to be a cliffhanger. (Insert wink here.) Watch the full ad below.

T-Mobile: With stars like Justin Bieber and Rob Gronkowski, T-Mobile has released its 60-second Super Bowl spot. The ad was produced by Publicis Seattle and will run in the first quarter of the game.

Wealthsimple: In a regional ad debut for Wealthsimple, ex-W+K execs created a spot titled “Mad World.” The company is geared toward reducing stress with friendly design. The 60-second ad will air in Canada, where it has already been shown, as well as in three U.S. markets: Boston, Seattle and Austin, Texas.


Butterfinger: This candy snack won’t be included in this year’s Super Bowl lineup; it first debuted in 2014’s game.

Doritos: Although the creativity behind independently-produced ads added some unpredictability to the Big Game, Doritos will not be participating at all in 2017.

Heinz: The condiment company won’t be participating in this year’s Super Bowl, but they do have plans for a campaign around the game. Heinz wants to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday.

Mini USA: This BMW-owned car brand won’t be returning to Super Bowl LI this year.

SunTrust: Though debuting a Super Bowl ad only last year, SunTrust won’t be participating in the Big Game in 2017. The company said they found last year’s spot to be “very effective,” but they’ll be “looking at other creative ways to reach our audiences this year.”

Taco Bell: Though they have some plans to tell the world about its new Naked Chicken Chalupa, and other innovative foods, Taco Bell will not be featured in the Super Bowl.

Toyota: Although other car brands like Audi, Honda and Kia have confirmed spots in the upcoming Super Bowl LI, Toyota will not be one of them.

Visa: Despite being a 30-year partner of the NFL, Visa does not have an ad in this year’s Super Bowl, but it will continue to sponsor and work with the NFL in a variety of ways throughout the year.

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