Super 8 Is Ditching Its Not-So-Super Artwork With Amy Sedaris’ Help

The hotel is hosting an ‘anti-art show’ and remodeling rooms

When most people think of the Super 8 brand, the term "high art" hardly comes to mind. But Super 8 is shaking up its image by remodeling its hotel rooms and tapping quirky actress Amy Sedaris to promote its new look.

The hotel chain's remodeled guest rooms, debuting this month, will have new bedding, updated amenities and new artwork that features landmarks and landscapes distinct to the location of each hotel.

Super 8 is hosting an event in New York tonight to give away its old artwork. Hosted by Sedaris and dubbed, When the Art Comes Down: Works from the Super 8 Collection, Super 8's "show" takes place during the same week as the modern art fair, Art New York, to serve as a juxtaposition to the classier art events happening in the city this week.


"What could be more antithetical than having a gallery show featuring old hotel art, or not so super art, as we call it?" said Mike Mueller, brand svp at Super 8. "All of the other art shows have velvet ropes and signs that say, 'do not touch,' but ours says, 'please take it down off the walls and bring it home.'"

Super 8's marketing team thought that Sedaris, author of books that poke fun at domesticity like I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, and Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, made the perfect spokesperson for the effort, according to Mueller. "Amy bills herself as a delightfully unconventional hostess. We're poking fun at ourselves, and she's made her career around using humor to find imperfections in things."


While the new look is designed to appeal to younger audiences, Super 8 doesn't see the likes of Airbnb as competition, Mueller said. Instead, the hotel chain appeals to travelers seeking a last-minute safe haven on long road trips. "We hear a lot about what millennials are looking for when they travel, and we know that they're going to represent probably 60 percent of our business in the next 10 years, but Airbnb offers a different travel experience than we do. When somebody isn't exactly sure where they're staying that night, and they're just trying to get to their destination, we're there. Our sign is a beacon for them."

"People understand what they get when they come to a Super 8," he added. "Now, it's our job now to get people from saying, 'I know what I get there,' to 'Wow, I didn't know that's what a Super 8 could be like.'"


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