Sunsilk Shocks With ‘Hairapy’

NEW YORK The irreverent approach of this “Hairapy” Sunsilk campaign from JWT, New York, is such a welcome diversion from the usual oh-so-serious category clutter, it’s hard not to take notice of nearly each execution. Yes, women take their hair very seriously, but that doesn’t mean they want to admit it. While the funniest ads feature over-the-top hair battles between the blondes and brunettes, this particular spot, “Torture,” casts a brunette as a masochist who loves to abuse her hair. Set in her loft-style apartment, she approaches a woman tied to a chair with a hairdryer. With giddy delight, she blasts her with the heat, then with a straightening iron, all to the seeming indifference to her torture subject, who is revealed to actually be … herself. The spot then cuts to the psychiatrist’s office, where we see the protagonist on the couch getting “hairapy.” “So,” the doctor asks, “you enjoy torturing your hair?” to which she responds, “Do you have a problem with that?” The doctor, upon hearing she is still using the damage-repairing Sunsilk Hyrda TLC products, is relieved. “No, no problem.” The spot ends with the reminder, “We’re here to help.”