SunChips “Remove”

Frito-Lay is introducing a compostable bag for SunChips and, as a child’s voiceover explains in a spot for the brand from Juniper Park: “If we all made a change, it could lead to some pretty amazing things.” The commercial shows eco-minded folks placing pristine images of beaches and trees over pictures of the same terrain strewn with litter. Um, it might make more sense for them to remove the trash rather than cover it up, but the spot, which features the song “Beautiful World” by Tim Myers, makes a worthy point. It reminds viewers that future generations have to clean up what’s left behind and small choices can make a difference. For a brand that boasts of healthy eating, the responsible-living positioning makes sense and will likely appeal to those looking to make better purchasing decisions, even if they’re not sure how those decisions will ultimately contribute to saving the planet. –Eleftheria Parpis