‘Sun-Times’ Asks, ‘Did You Know?’

CHICAGO The Chicago Sun-Times, likely to be placed on the auction block soon, has launched a promotional campaign centered around research showing it is the best-read daily inside the city limits.

The campaign targets advertisers with the claim that it is actually the leading paper in the city of Chicago. The tagline: “Did you know?” Scarborough Research has reported an average of 1.1 million readers weekly for the tabloid.

Parent Sun-Times Media Group (STMG) also is using the campaign to note that its Sun-Times News Group, which consists of eight daily and 63 weekly newspapers in the Chicago market, reaches “52% more readers than its largest competitor.”

“Advertisers need to know where they can reach the most people, and that’s the Sun-Times News Group. These facts have been well-kept secrets in Chicago and the suburbs, but no more,” said Cyrus Freidheim, STMG CEO and ‘Sun-Times’ publisher, in a statement. “It was high time we stepped up and let the world know that we — not those other guys — are No. 1 in Chicago and beyond.”

The campaign will run on radio, in print and online.