Sun Country Takes Off

BVK/McDonald Spots Position New Carrier
CHICAGO–Sun Country, an airline based in snow country, breaks its first TV advertising this week with spots from BVK/McDonald in Milwaukee boasting “Comfortably low fares.”
The tagline indicates the niche the Minneapolis-based airline is looking to carve for itself, said Peter Capper, an account supervisor at the agency. “I think there’s room for another low-fare carrier,” Capper said.
Sun Country flies to 25 destinations out of Minneapolis, including three foreign cities. The airline has shifted from an exclusively charter operation to a commercial one, prompting management to enlist BVK/McDonald last November.
The $1.5 million campaign attempts to “develop a brand and image” of Sun Country as a fun and inexpensive way to fly, Capper said. Print and radio ads are now airing.
BVK/McDonald’s TV work assays humor, showing extreme examples of how to fly cheaply. One spot pans a row of animal pens filled with dogs and cats, presumably in a cargo hold. In the last pen is a man. “There are less expensive ways to fly than on Sun Country Airlines,” a voiceover says. “With certain restrictions, of course.”
Other executions feature a man who has packaged himself in brown wrapping paper tumbling on to a baggage carousel and a security guard who is startled in checking the X-ray machine to see a human figure contorted into a piece of luggage.
“You need to be a little more fun with your approach,” said agency creative director Gary Mueller.