Suitably Smart-Alecky

Campbell-Ewald Advertising in Warren, Mich., has created a pro bono outdoor and radio campaign for the Michigan Office of Highway Safety and Planning aimed at getting men ages 16-25 to wear their safety belts.
The offbeat campaign pairs ’50s images with ’90s irreverence. Copy on one billboard, featuring a smiling man, simply reads, “Windshields get rid of acne fast!” Another reads, “Look mom, only 432 stitches!” All outdoor pieces have a bold red border at the bottom with the words “Buckle up.”
State officials turned to CEA because they felt the agency’s work for Chevrolet cars and trucks gave it a special understanding of young men. To help ensure that the advertising reflected the attitudes of that group, CEA said it assigned the project to some of its younger writers and art directors. Their work was supervised by senior creative directors.
–Tanya Gazdik