Suicidal Tendencies

Suicide is a subject that’s rarely broached in advertising. And certainly not in a humorous light.
But a new 30-second TV spot from Rubin Postaer and Associates, airing in key California markets including Los Angeles, touts the benefits of gasoline marketer Arco’s new CleanTech additive package by having a “molecule” commit suicide–to protect a car’s engine, of course.
The spot (shown here) features the molecule taking a kamikaze ride through a vehicle’s gas tank, cleaning out deposits and making the engine run better. Its brief life ends “in a blaze of glory,” says a voiceover.
An Arco employee follows with a cheeky disclaimer that no actual CleanTech additives were harmed during the commercial’s filming.
“Our communication platform is to convince customers that there is no better gas than Arco,” said Liz Mason, the account’s management supervisor at the Santa Monica, Calif., shop.
Another spot airing only in Sacramento, Calif., promotes Arco’s new island cash machines.
–Angela Dawson