Sue Bee Honey Boasts Its American Roots

Sue Bee Honey has tapped former Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders as the spokesperson for a promotion that centers on the brand’s American roots.

The promo, dubbed “Trust the Taste of American Honey,” kicked off on Oct. 15 and will run through September 2011. Elements include in-store displays, an instant win game, print ads, banner ads, on-pack peel-offs and bottle-necker coupon offers.

The main component, however, is a microsite——that touts Sue Bee Honey’s American origins.

The site is split into two sections. The first features Sanders, an Olympic gold medalist, TV correspondent and commentator, and a mother of two. Sanders welcomes visitors to with patriotism and states that she’s proud to support American-made products like Sue Bee Honey. The second houses a comical video of Hilda, a character that offers recipes like “honey mustard fish heads” made with Blendoslavian honey. Hilda is shown seated in a dirty kitchen with farm animals, promoting honey that isn’t pure.

“Given the multitude of misconceptions surrounding origins of American honey, we want to finally set the record straight regarding the purity of Sue Bee Honey,” said David Allibone, president and CEO of Sioux Honey Association, the maker of Sue Bee, in a statement.

The honey brand joins a long list of other brands that have used the All-American label in their marketing. Most recently, Jeep and Dodge made patriotic appeals in their campaigns. A 60-second spot for Chrysler’s Jeep Grand Cherokee, for instance, shows images of the American industry to celebrate historical craftsmanship and engineering feats. Meanwhile, Chrysler’s Dodge rolled out a new effort for the Challenger using a “Freedom” theme.