Subway “Egypt”

In one of the best examples of annoying advertising that nonetheless gets stuck in your brain, Subway continues to torment consumers with its “five-dollar foot-long” jingle two years after its debut. We’ve seen all types make the hand gesture showing the size of the sandwich, from a cop and Godzilla to hula dancers and an entire store full of dancing customers. In this spot, an Egyptian queen and her golden cat statue kick off the party to celebrate the return of the chain’s “any” promotion: five bucks for any sandwich on the menu. Like past ads, it’s all about repetition, timing and a decidedly campy approach. But this latest work pumps up the production values adding visual pop to match the energy of the infectious jingle. In the latest iterations, a game-show host, a thespian and a pair of figure skaters hold up their hands with pride as they sing along. There’s simply no escape, and no one is immune. –Eleftheria Parpis

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