Submissions Are Open for the 2013 Brand Genius Awards

The industry's gold standard in leading-edge marketing

Adweek’s Brand Genius Awards have recognized the best and brightest marketing minds for 24 years now, but we need your help in finding the executives who deserve the spotlight. Do you know a marketer who bursts with ideas, breaks with convention—and gets real results? Then let us know.

Nominating is easy. Just tell us why your Brand Genius meets the four criteria below (all nominees must have a corporate post with a brand, big or small—no consultants, please). Please give specific examples where possible.

In the past year to 18 months, the successful nominee has:

  • Played a key leadership role in developing or growing a brand—including introducing a new product, revamping an existing one, or leading a turnaround/comeback effort.
  • Conceived or led the development of a truly innovative marketing campaign or otherwise guided the overall marketing of a brand in a new direction. Risk-taking and unconventional thinking a plus.
  • Deployed the full arsenal of marketing tactics—including traditional, social, guerrilla, etc.—to maximum effect.
  • Proven the value of his/her marketing vision by producing measurable results in terms of fiscal results and customer counts.