Study: Two Types of Mall Shoppers Still Spending

A new study from EYE Corp., which operates advertising in 250 malls, found that two types of mall shoppers are still spending: young Adults 18-24 (Carefree Spenders) and Women 25-44 (Power Moms). Both groups spend more than the average shopper—$148 per trip for Carefree Spenders and $251 per trip for Power Moms, versus the average shopper’s $89 per trip.

The results were based on 1,020 exit poll interviews with adults aged 18 to 64 conducted by Arbitron in November. “We wanted to map out what shoppers are up to in the economic downturn,” said Michelle Schiano, vp of marketing for EYE USA, which commissioned the study.

Carefree Spenders represent a hard-to-reach demographic for advertisers but make up more than a third (34 percent) of mall-goers. They have jobs but also tend to be getting supplemental income from home, leading to a relative lack of concern about the economy. They are similar to teens, who spend half of their monthly income at the mall (the subject of an earlier EYE study) and consider the mall a social experience with friends.

Technologically savvy, Power Moms embrace interactive media, making them tougher to reach through traditional media. Yet they spend a considerable amount of time in malls, shopping for the entire family.

While mall media is experiencing the same challenges as other media, certain categories are still quite strong, such as entertainment (movies and TV), fashion and telecommunications.