Study: Politics Dominate Conversation

NEW YORK The U.S. presidential race has overtaken the national conversation to such an extent that more people talked politics on a daily basis than about food or entertainment, per a new poll by The Keller Fay Group (KFG). Sixty-six percent of Americans had a least one daily conversation about the presidential campaign during the week ended Oct. 26.

By comparison, Coke, which KFG concluded was the most talked about brand in America, generated daily chatter by just 11 percent of Americans.

“It’s pretty remarkable when any topic is so big that it is even surpassing food or entertainment” as a subject of daily discourse, said Brad Fay, COO at KFG. “It intuitively seems that the level of engagement in this campaign must be higher than in prior [years]. People believe the issues in this campaign affect them personally.” Results were gathered from online interviews of 2,314 respondents ages 18-69.

Sen. Barack Obama took a clear lead in word of mouth during the four-week study. In the final week, 59 percent of Americans engaged in at least one daily conversation about Obama compared to 51 percent who discussed Sen. John McCain.

Following the stock market crisis early in the month, positive word of mouth regarding Obama increased from 39 percent to 46 percent, while positive word of mouth about McCain decreased from 34 percent to 31 percent.