Study: Nike, Adidas Rated Top Brands for Teens

Though teenagers rate the Nike and Adidas brands highest in many categories of brand strength, consumers aged 12 to 17 years old were more likely to be aware of and purchase the Under Armour, Speedo and Puma brands than the U.S. population as a whole, according to the latest Brand Strength Report–Teen Edition, produced by The SportsOneSource Group.

Nike and Adidas took the top two spots on the Brand Strength Index (BSI) for the teen respondents and the overall index, scoring even higher with teens than on the overall. Under Armour was No. 3 on the teen Brand Strength Index, more than 80 points higher than on the overall index. The Speedo, Puma and Jordan brands all saw their BSI ratings jump considerably with teen consumers vs. the overall index.

Nike sits atop the BSI rankings for both males and females in the teen report, with teen males rating the brand 61 points higher than teen females. Likewise, teenage males rated Under Armour almost 100 points higher than teenage females. Awareness of the Under Armour brand was 13 percentage points higher in teen males than teen females. Puma scored higher with teenage females than it did with teenage males. Puma jumped into the top five for the females, with 82 percent of the female respondents reporting they would be at least “somewhat likely” to purchase the Puma brand again in the future.

The report also examined where teens prefer to buy certain sporting goods products. About 51 percent of teen respondents said they had purchased athletic footwear at a mall specialty store in the last year, while only 39 percent of the overall respondent group did so. A similar gap occurred for athletic apparel, with 35 percent of teens making softgoods purchases in the mall vs. 22 percent of the overall group. Full-line sporting goods stores ranked just below the mall for footwear for teens, with 50 percent of respondents indicating they had made a footwear purchase at a sporting goods store in the last year, compared to 39 percent of the overall. Apparel saw a similar delta, according to the report.

Source: Nielsen Business Media